Revision Sessions

Past Revision Sessions have included:

OSCE Preparation: Developmental Assessment

Is your fine motor development knowledge far from fine? Speech and language development leaving you babbling polysyllabically? Paeds revision getting you so down you haven’t socially smiled in 6 months? Then come join us for a whistle-stop tour on the developmental assessment led by Paediatric ST3 Catarina Olimpio.

The developmental assessment is a need-to-know examination vital for Year 5 OSCE’s, and helpful for fourth years wanting to get ahead, and sixth years for clinical practice too! In this session, Catarina will cover the four main fields of development (gross motor; fine motor and vision; hearing, speech, and language; and social, emotional, and behavioural), red flag “limit ages”, and how to apply this theory practically for OSCE’s and beyond.

Paediatric Neurology – Tricks of the Trade

Don’t forget to come along to our fantastic Paediatric Neurology. Dr Alasdair Parker will be covering the essentials of neurological assessment in children and it promises to be a really useful and fun evening, great for all stages! Dr Alasdair Parker is a children’s neurologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in the Child Development Centre, where the regional service is located. He has taught medical students all over the world and will be running an interactive session on efficient neurological assessment in children, including tricks of the trade.  Dr Parker always delivers a fantastic interactive session, easy to follow whichever stage you are at.