Pre-clinical Paediatric Shadowing Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to allow pre-clinical students to shadow a paediatric consultant or senior trainee on a weekend ward round or theatre list and provide an introduction to clinical medicine and paediatrics. Students will be exposed to some paediatric conditions and diseases, as well as experience the clinical setting and observe the roles of the multidisciplinary team. To find out more and join the scheme please contact Sofia (sw784)

Previous feedback:

“I saw my first delivery whilst accompanying one of the doctors to check on a birth complication, which was certainly an experience. Dr Kelsall performed two echocardiograms with me and pointed out all the visible anatomy, which allowed me to use first year anatomy in a real context. Overall the entire team was very welcoming, I learnt a lot as well as applying existing knowledge to new situations, and very much enjoyed the experience.”

“It was a really nice reminder of what I can expect at clinical school.”

“Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity, which has come at a perfect time when some clinical exposure is truly a breath of fresh air in the midst of a lot of nitty gritty science.”