Project Play

Project Play is an initiative by CU PaedSoc, with an initial successful pilot running in 2016.

The first official cycle of the scheme was launched in Michaelmas 2016, and it has become a well established Paedsoc project

Aims and Objectives

  • To support the hospital Play Teams in their work with paediatric patients, keeping them entertained and distracted from the clinical environment and medical care going on around them
  • To educate students about the importance and methods of play in a medical setting
  • To provide opportunities for students to interact with children in a hospital environment, improving their communication skills
  • To encourage students to consider a career in Paediatrics

Why volunteer?

  • Make a difference to the hospital experience of paediatric patients who pass through the doors of our A&E
  • Invaluable hands-on practice learning to work with paediatric patients
  • A signed certificate for all volunteers who complete the required 4 sessions, along with a description of the Project Play
  • Additional signed certificates for students who volunteer at 6, 8 and 12 sessions – the number of sessions you volunteer at accumulates across the years that you volunteer with Project Play!

Join the Facebook group here and contact the Project Play coordinators ( for more information!