Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear HospitalTeddy Bear Hospital is part of a national scheme that runs TBH events for primary school children. Previously a subcommittee of the Cambridge University Paediatric Society, it has now branched off to form an independent university society due to its resounding success.

We run a range of activities for the children to help show them what medicine is all about. They can practice what they have learnt on their own teddy bear. We have lots of super fun activities, including performing surgery on teddy and riding in the back of an ‘ambulance!’ And we even get to dress up in gowns and surgical hats!!!

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How To Get Involved

The TBH committee will post about upcoming events that you can help out at on the ClinSoc Facebook page. TBH also have their own Facebook page. If you are not on Facebook, please do pop an email over to a member of our committee know and we will add you to our email list

Before each event, there will be a short training session just so that you know what goes on at each activity station so you will always feel super prepared!

We can’t wait to see you at our TBH events, packed full of fun and laughter!!!