PAEDSOC CONFERENCE 2021: Inequalities In Child Health

Yaaaay!!! It’s finally here!!! The announcement of our 2021 conference – Inequalities in Child Health!!!

2020 has been a crazy year that has highlighted the socioeconomic inequalities that exist in almost all aspects of physical and mental health. It seems particularly unfair on children, who have little or no control over the factors which influence it. CUPS believes that being mindful of these influences can play a crucial role in whichever medical field you enter! Join us in thinking paeds; but outside the curriculum! We warmly welcome anyone who has an interest in paediatrics: clinical and non-clinical, Cambridge and beyond!We really hope you can join us online! We will be releasing more information about our super awesome speakers and workshops over the coming weeks so stay tuned! 

Date – Saturday 27th February 2021
Time – 09.00-17.00
Where – Zoom

Book your *£1* ticket now via the following link:

If you’re based in Cambridge and get on of our early bird tickets, you will be able to collect a goody bag full of paedsoc stash and tasty treats to enjoy throughout the day!!


Undertaken some research in the field of paediatrics? The conference will be a great opportunity to present your research and posters to fellow students and paediatricians.An abstract submission portal will be available shortly! We look forward to seeing you there! Paedsoc love!