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Going away on Elective is one of the most anticipated and exciting times of any Medical Student’s studies.  As well as being an amazing opportunity to travel the world, it’s also an ideal time to explore your future career aspirations and gain some insight into areas of interest, as well as finding out how medicine is delivered around the world.

As well as incredibly exciting, it can also be a bit daunting – where to go? what to do? is it safe?  We’ve been gathering testimonials for Paediatrics based electives to give you some insight into what works, what doesn’t, great things to do and places to go.

Elective Inspo

Click on the links below to explore what previous medical students have done for their elective. If you have done a paediatric related elective, please help us grow our elective database by filling in our Google form.


General Paediatrics at GOSH, London (2018)

Respiratory at GOSH, London  (2017)




North America & Canada

Oncology in the USA (2017)


South America



Cardiology in Vietnam (2018)

General Paediatrics in India (2018)

Surgery in Cambodia

Singapore (& Melborne)


NICU in Melborne (2018)

General Paediatrics in Fiji (2018)

Melborne (& Singapore)

New Zealand