Melbourne and Singapore


I’m Isabel, a stage 3 student, keen on Paediatrics, with an interest in Paediatric brain protection and development.


I spent 5 weeks at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne and 2.5 weeks at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore.


In Melbourne, I carried out a research project investigating cerebral autoregulation in preterm infants. The experience gave me real appreciation of neonatal intensive care and translational medicine – I was able to observe cell studies, animal studies and clinical research. The project was an invaluable learning experience and taught me many new skills. In Singapore, I did an attachment with the Department of Child Development, which was an interesting insight into different healthcare structures. I was involved with various clinics at the Department and observed multidisciplinary assessments and interventions. I also had the opportunity to get involved with patient recruitment and data collection for an ongoing research study investigating screen device use and sleep habits in children.

Why go? 

Well-established units, friendly people, abundant opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge, explore your interests and widen perspectives.