Paediatrics in New Zealand

New Zealand
Abi’s New Zealand Elective


I am Abi, a final year student, especially interested in paediatrics/general practice.


I spent 7 weeks of the summer (2015) at the Wellington Hospital in New Zealand.


I emailed some family friends who lived in Wellington to help sort things out, as they knew a few people at the hospital.


I spent the majority of my elective getting involved in the clinical side of things: joining in with ward rounds, helping out with jobs, and going to clinics. The most interesting thing I saw was probably a kid with tummy pain who turned out to have acute rheumatic fever, with severe AV/MV involvement.

Why go? 

New Zealand is incredible – it is my favourite place I have ever visited! Travelling around NZ was the most amazing experience – I got to go skiing, skydiving, bungee jumping, whale watching and loads more. The hospitals aren’t too different to UK hospitals, so it wasn’t too much of a culture shock. And New Zealand people are really really friendly and lovely.