Textbook Recommendations

This is a selection of some of the popular Paediatric textbooks out there. 

Please be reassured that you are NOT expected to read all of these books! Different people have different learning preferences and as a result, look for different things in their books. So, give these books a try in the library before committing to buying any or deciding which to use as your primary source of information. 

All should be available to borrow at the Clinical School library or your college library – this should hopefully save you some money. We have also created our own revision resources for you. However, if you would like to buy any of these books, Amazon links are provided, although you may find cheaper or pre-owned versions elsewhere on the web. 

Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics (AKA Sunflower Book)

This book is a little bigger than the others, but provides lots of colourful diagrams and is used by many medical students from other universities too.

Amazon Link

Paediatrics At A Glance

Like other books in the series, Paediatrics at a Glance is a non-daunting book with a diagram on one side summarising key content and then, text on the following page explaining concepts in further detail.

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties

This book is written as a concise guide for the wards. As a result, this can sometimes be a difficult read but it does contain everything you would be expected to know as a junior doctor so acts as a nice syllabus. 

The paediatric chapter is very succinct and provides great coverage on all key aspects of paediatrics needed for exams. Additionally, it has chapters on other specialties that will appear in your 5th year exams alongside paediatrics (eg O&G and psychiatry)

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100 Cases in Paediatrics

Unlike traditional textbooks, this teaches Paediatrics via cases. It is great prep for the SAQ as there are questions after each case for you to work through with answers and a detailed discussion on the topic provided afterwards.

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Crash Course Paediatrics

Like Crash Course Pathology, that everyone uses for the SAQ there is also a book in the series for paediatrics

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We can’t have a resources section without also mentioning the infamous question bank, passmedicine.com. They have a textbook section, including a paediatrics section and a bank of practice multiple choice questions for you to work through. This website has notes and questions on all medical specialties.