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Revision Material

Year 5 OSCE Resources

OSCE guide:
Our guide to OSCEs- PDF
Our guide to OSCEs- post

Paediatric history taking:
Guide to taking a Paediatric History- PDF
Guide to taking a Paediatric history – post

Guide to the Community Station

London MRCPCH revision website – Created by the Trainees Committee of the London School of Paediatrics, this site includes excellent video tutorials on each station, concise content written by leading paediatricians and advice from our trainees who have recently passed the exam

Theory Resources

Rapid Review of Paediatrics
Paediatric Oncology

Revision Lectures from 2020/21 Committee

Rapid Review Lecture

Concepts At A Glance

Past Resources from the 2015/2016 committee

CUPS final-year committee members ran a series of revision sessions in April-May 2016 for Stage 2 students in the lead up to the Paediatric finals. These are the slides from those sessions.

Revision Session 1 

Neurology & Musculoskeletal

Newborn Baby Check

Developmental Assessment

Revision Session 2 

Paediatric Endocrine 

Paediatric Dermatology

Complex Cases

History Taking

Revision Session 3 

Paediatric Gastro 

Paediatric Resp

Paediatric Cardio