When: 2017

Supervisor: Dr Kathy Beardsall

Where: Addenbrooke’s

Project Description: Wrote a review article on glucose management in neonates. It was a manageable amount of work – involved a literature search, discussing with nurses on the unit and writing up the article. Received support from my supervisor and the research nurse. Article was published in Infant Journal.

Clinical Opportunities: I had the opportunity to do a lot of clinical work. I was in most days from 8:30am until whenever things got quiet in the afternoon (ranged from 12pm to 6pm). Attended ward rounds, meetings and teaching, delivery and emergency bleeps, joined the transport team, helped or observed procedures. My supervisor selected a few babies for me to follow through and present on.

Best Bits: Was really great to get to know all the babies on the unit and follow them through to leaving hospital. Attending the delivery and emergency bleeps was exciting. Some rare conditions seen, which was very interesting.

Worst Bits: A very specialised environment and not able to do a lot of hands on examining or practical procedures.

Other Comments: N/A

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