Speaker: Professor Jo Wilamhurst


Another speaker at this year’s conference is Professor Jo Wilmahurst who’s talk ‘Great Expectations – what the future holds for Paediatricians’ we’re excited to hear!

Professor Jo Wilmshurst is the Head of Paediatric Neurology at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, the largest paediatric hospital in sub-Saharan Africa. Her department handles a wide spectrum of neurological diseases common to children from resource-poor countries and functions as the sub-Saharan referral centre for neuromuscular disease and complex epilepsy.

She leads an outreach training programme for paediatricians and child health specialists, the African Paediatric Fellowship Program, which is based at the University of Cape Town. The programme identifies and trains paediatricians from African countries who return to their home centres with sub-speciality accreditation, including child neurology and neuro-disability.

Please use this form to post questions for Professor Wilmshurst’s talk! https://forms.gle/25tqWdzmGH6XGfXFA

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