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We have four exciting workshops to announce for the CUPS Conference!!

All attendees will be able to attend two of the four fantastic workshops on offer. In-person attendees will be asked to fill out their preferences nearer the time (look out for an email!) and we will do our best to accomodate for them.

1) Career Panel with Dr Zeshan Qureshi; Dr Zeshan Qureshi and a panel of junior doctors are here to answer all your questions about foundation training, and paediatrics, beyond!

2) Epilepsy: More than Seizures; expert parent, Andrea Ryan, and Senior Research Fellow at UCL, Dr Sophie Bennett, will discuss the parent perspective of having a child with epilepsy, new research into Mental Health Interventions for Children with Epilepsy (MICE), and the work of the charity HOPE For Epilepsy including their anti-suffocation pillows

3) Simulation Session: Paediatric Emergencies; get involved in real-time paediatric emergency simulations with the Addenbrooke’s simulation team!

4) Dysfunctional Breathing: what it is and how physiotherapy can help; paediatric respiratory physiotherapist, Monica Musgrave, will discuss the vital role paediatric physiotherapists play in caring for children

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